Misery isn’t that Miserable

One of the verses from my Mom’s Slam Book is something that really appealed to me! “Life is not a bed of Roses”.

Growing up I realised the significance of this phrase. Our life is not filled with happiness all the time. There are some hard moments in life that make us realize the meaning of the words like sorrow, misery, sad, despair, agony and such. When we are bored or when we are left to make space for our thoughts we often start thinking about the most miserable things that life has had to offer. Most of us are more unhappy with our lives, looking up only at the mishaps and forgetting about the beauty in lives. Isn't this unhappy mindset towards life boring?? Is misery that miserable??

This emotion is often represented in films in its most genuine form.  Talking about representation of Misery in films, the first person who comes to my mind is Director Bala. His movies like Sethu, Avan- Ivan, Pithamagan and Paradesi disturbed my inner peace to a great extent. I love that raw, ruthless and realistic filmmaking style of Bala but his films have the least rewatch value in my watch list. Frankly speaking movies like this that show hardcore, pathetic conditions of human life leave me in distress. But this one movie that falls under this genre and yet manages to be one of my all time favourite films is Moothon by Geethu Mohandas. No matter how sad it is, Mulla’s smile in the climax is something that’ll leave you hopeful.

My encounter with Mulla remains one of the happiest things in my life. I take this moment to thank Mulla for being in my life and making me realise a lot of things in life. Mulla’s life has been too horrible with lots of struggles. She has gone through various things at a very young age. Disguising as a boy, she has a hard time in  her island village. Her journey from a breezy island village on the shores of Lakshadweep to the bustling Mumbai city in search of her elder brother was heart-whelming. There are many crazy and innocent things she does in her journey like starting her journey to Mumbai in a fishing motor boat to perceiving the Ship that saved her as a Mermaid. She remains and remembers an innocent Child who sets out for a mission. Hey days in Mumbai are full of thorns which she endures and embraces. I could empathise with her experience of living in a Red Light area in a strange city. Her journey in search of her brother reaches its purpose but that doesn't end her problems. I literally broke down when the only hope in her life was taken away from her.

What do you think a young girl would do after facing all these things??? Mulla smiled!!! I have no words to express the positive vibe that she gave when she opened the door taking a break from her customer (who was in his 40s) to look at her boyfriend. He sees her in a saree, the long hair, Jimikki, Jasmine flower and that Beautiful smile. Mulla’s charming beautiful smile gave me a lot of hope and in fact conveyed a very beautiful lesson in life. To say in Thalaivar’s style, “‘Inga Santhosham irundha enga ponalum santhosham than”. Isn’t it true???

Wherever we are, whatever mishaps we face, our happiness is determined by our own self. And most importantly it is our duty to paint the sky of our soul. That smile of Mulla will always have a special place in my heart, it's a smile that lets me breath and relieves me from this suffocating representation of mishaps all around and obviously the smile that made me realise that misery isn't that miserable!!!

With Regards,

  • Anu
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