Mounam Pesiyadhe

“Silence is the most beautiful and dangerous form of expression” says the person who vibes with me so well, and I could not agree more. Sitting with someone in silence is an art to be mastered. It conveys so much emotions. Even serves as a trigger sometimes. Both Mani sir and GVM sir, emphasized a lot on the importance of having a conversation with our significant other in their movies. Chatting while being seated on either sides of a table placed near the windows with a cup of coffee as it rains outside, sounds magical doesn't it? But, have you ever tried sitting with someone in silence? If you haven’t, I's highly recommend you do! It's truly a therapeutic experience. 

Now I quickly jump into the wonderful movie experiences which portrays the silence part so well.

“Mouname unidam antha mounam thaane azhagu! Paarvaigal pothume, athil varthai pesi pazhagu!”

This lyrics from one of my all time favourtie films - Mozhi, pulls the soul out of the words as usual. The way that Archana expresses that she doesn’t fit in the world like everyone else is extraordinary and makes the audience empathize with her. She embraces the silence in her with confidence and charm all the way throughout the story. The character sucked me into a world that I was unaware of. The frankness of Karthik’s love for Archana was as bright as a warm summer day. 

“Aana yenaku therinja Mozhi unga yaarukum theriyathu. Mounam.”

Just like how music doesn’t need language, love doesn’t need one too, apparently. The contrasts between Duraiamma and Parithi are monumental. Even if they talk, they don’t understand each other. Silence worked wonders when words failed them. They just sat together, pointing at things and finding comfort in each other’s presence. They worked it out with less words, not till the end. But until they had time. This historic language of the diversified - Mounam, is elevated through GV.Prakash's music in Madrasapattinam.

A newly married couple wanting to spend time alone, gets exciting for one and a burden for another. Pirivom Santhipom is an underrated family drama with a hint of the psychological pain of being alone in silence. Saala (Sneha) fills her days of silence around her with a tape recorder. Chirping birds in the morning, sizzling vegetables when it is fried on the stove and the sound of crickets during the night, keep her company in her loneliness. 

Too much of silence can cause triggers as well. Even if this scene was projected for less than a few minutes, it made a huge impact. I am talking about Dhanush in the jail in Pudhupettai. Kokki Kumar was used to being soaked in violence amidst the screams and cries of this enemies. The silence in the jail scares him, makes him anticipate the worst-case scenarios in his head. His fear builds up, the green lights on his face shows the audience more than any words could. 

A couple of Silence Breakers

A few minutes of silence before a breakthrough in a relationship. How can I not mention the few minutes of absolute silence and eye contact before a kiss? Freshly expressed love blooming into something magical in the darkness of the theatre- Vaaranam Aayiram

“Torture pannatha. Nee antha mulailaiye iru. Naan inga orama paduthukuren”

Two mildly attracted teenagers getting locked in the silence of a confined space just a few seconds before the epic kiss- Ennai Nokki Paayum Thotta.

“En na aval na’vai urasa, pudhu suvaigal undakinaal”

Saving the best for the last. A couple of seconds of silence that broke my heart to a million pieces, that made me cry like a baby in the theatres. The word “Ammadi” that breaks Savithri in Nadigaiyar Thilagam. The silence of Savithri explains her pain and sufferings. Her need to just be held. Her shattered trust and love. It crushed me as an audience.

These movies not only taught me the significant of the art of silence but to also embrace the silence within and around me. And that's something I'd like to leave you all with.

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- S.Saaradha Thilagam

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