Movies as Nail Polish Shades

Every good movie carries a vibe that we relate with. Our movie watching experience depends on the vibe it bears. Often this vibe can be related with the colours that the movie propagates to set the mood through. This sets a tone on how we perceive the movie and we subconsciously start judging the movie with it even before it starts. The best movies in this list have celebrated these colours so much that it deserves its own name as a nail polish shade as we identify the movies with its colours. And this is a short list of such movies. Presenting to you, Fully Filmy Blog's most randomest article ever made-

Aaranya Kaandam Yellow Ochre

The Tangerine Yellow is the colour that represents the neo noir genre and is there a better movie than Aaranya Kaandam to celebrate this colour? Not bright enough to be lemon but not dark enough to come as a sunset, Aaranya Kaandam yellow is dark, gritty and complex enough to stand out.



Blade Runner 2049 - Neon Lights

With a black screen and fluorescent colours, Dennis Villeneuve built the future with Blade Runner 2049. Splashes of Magentas, Oranges and Blues, the movie is a visual spectacle and an artist's dream to showcase these colours better than anyone has ever done.



Abyss Blue

James Cameron's father film of Titanic featured him explore his passion - The Deep blue sea with The Abyss. A fantasy survival story brings us a feeling of serenity and an elevated level of calm with all the shades of dark blue in unbelievable CGI.



Jigarthanda Pink

The drink Jigarthanda is a mixture of all flavours. There's something to drink, bite and chew and something cold and something hot all putting up a rose pink facade. The movie Jigarthanda is nothing short of the same buffet for almost 3 hours and the poster is the facade here.



Hacksaw Ridge Brown

75 years back in time, in the grounds of Europe's most deadly, the all American man wearing browns raised to a situation no one has ever done before in the thick mud and soil and the Hacksaw Ridge Brown is a tribute to bravery of the men evoking a feeling of strength and reliability.



The Pretty Woman Red

An ode to one of the greatest couples of Hollywood, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The Pretty Woman red is everything hot and sexy that Vivan brings to Edward's life. And they Pretty Woman takes the colour of passion and drama and everything stimulating.


Rainbow - Call me by your name.

In the long list of LGBTQ movies, there have been a very few that takes our heart out for a toss. Call me by your name is a delightful movie and just like the rainbow, it brings a promise of sunshine through the idea that "Love has no gender" on a blue sky of World Cinema.


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