My Favourite "Captain" Films

One name that till date gets the Tamil Cinema audience to break into a frenzy of excitement has to be Captain Vijaykanth! With a variety of great films, brilliant performances and thrilling action sequences, Captain has managed to earn for himself a loyal fan base across the years.  

A few days back, I came across one of Captain’s films while surfing through my TV. Ridden by nostalgia, I decided to write a blog on some of my favourite films of his that I think all of you all should experience watching at least once in your lifetime!

Captain Prabhakaran

Therinja unmaya velila solla adhigaram theva illa, evanukkum bayapadavum theva illa. 

Released in the early 90s, this is one of the finest action movies of that era. Prabhakaran, an IFS officer is sent to nab Veerabhadran, a forest brigand who is also responsible for the death of Prabhakaran's friend (Sarath Kumar). You must watch this superhit film for Vijaykanth’s outstanding performance and dialogue delivery. Being his 100th movie, this film also earned him the name “CAPTAIN

Chinna Gounder-


Indha thunda iduppula kattunenna koil’ku poren nu artham

Indha thunda thol’le potennatheerpu solla poren nu artham

Indha thunda apdi eduthu vechen na pattaya kelappa poren nu artham

Right after the hit of Captain Prabhakaran, Vijaykanth acted in this film in the role of an honest Village head who is tricked into dishonoring himself. The film is about how he proves his innocence. Chinna Gounder enjoys a star cast of Manorama, Goundamani, Senthil and Vadivelu. This Action - Comedy - Emotional film was a Blockbuster hit and ran for over 250 days. 


Mannippu.. Tamil’le enakku pidikkadha orey vaartha

Ramana, a common man who loses his family because of the negligence of corrupt government officials goes on to kidnap and kill those unethical workers. This cult classic directed by A.R Murugadoss has an amazing screenplay and powerful dialogues that highlight the mishappenings in our society. Captain, his extraordinary performance and dialogues made this movie a sensational hit!



Current eh thotta.. Saatharna manushanukku than shock adikkum. Naa Narasimha.. Enna thotta current’ke shock adikkum.

This Action- Comedy film features Captain in the role of a cop who works undercover to nab a terrorist. What really worked for me in this film is the comic timing, screenplay, amazingly scripted punch dialogues and the action-packed fight sequences. I can’t stop myself from watching this one over and again.




Naa Gandhi’ah nadandhukradhum.. Subash chandra bose’ah maarradhum.. Inime nee nadandhukradhula  thaan irukku

This Cop Action film is about an honest police officer who arrests a terrorist responsible for multiple bomb blasts and has contact with various corrupt govt officials. This movie portrays one's love towards his nation and to what extent one can go to protect it. Once again Captain proves his ability to nail any role by acing his cop avatar in this film!

Thavasi -


Thulasi vaasam maarunalum maarum. Aana indha Thavasi vaaku maaradhu da.

Thavasi is the story about the rivalry between two people, Thavasi, an influential landlord in a small village who is respected by everyone for his good deeds and Sankarapandi. The film is about misjudgments leading to Thavasi having to sacrifice his own son to another family. This Action Drama is a must-watch for the family audience especially because of its comedy.

Naane raja naane manthiri


 Paradesiii.. Adhu enakku theriyadha da?

This Romantic Comedy-Drama of the 1980s is about a rude, self-centered Zamindar who makes fun of people accompanied by his two assistants. Though he is unschooled, he manages to maintain his pride and demands respect from everyone. Alongside the brilliant acting by Captain, the cast includes comedy legends Goundmani and Senthil. As a result, there is no scope for boredom or dullness throughout the duration of the film.

Vaidehi kaathirundhal


 Raasaathi unna kaanadha nenju…. Kaathaadi polaadudhu

This 1980’s Classic is a blockbuster hit that portrays the life of Vellaisamy, a disheartened lover and Vaidehi, a young widow, both of whom are mistaken to have an affair. The film revolves around how both of them cope with it and share mutual respect for each other. This Movie has a brilliant soundtrack with its songs being celebrated to date! 

Vaanathai Pola-

En thambinga llama nee enakku sorgame kuduthalum adhu enakku theva illa.  

Vaanathi Pola is about Vellaichamy who leaves behind his love and happiness to take care of his three brothers and works hard to raise them. It is an example of how siblings should support each other and live in harmony. How their marriage brings about a change in their lives is the rest of the story. This movie went on to win the national award in 2000 for the Best Wholesome Movie of the Year.

While these are just a few of Vijaykanth’s many brilliant works, it is a little difficult to try to fit in all of his extraordinary performances into one blog. Here’s hoping that you all enjoy watching these films as much as I did cause I grew up watching them. They’ve had a significant impact on upbringing and thus Captain will always hold a special place in my heart.



Sathya Sai Narayanan.

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