Natpin Breakup Ft. Kollywood

I'm one of those 90's kids who has been dreaming of getting a friend like the ones show in a heart-touching film. Still dreaming to be honest. Natpu plays a major role in real and reel life. A lot of us happen to get the friends as portrayed in movies, maybe some even better. Love may fail, but friendship never failed even in movies.

"Un kooda vaazhdratha vida, En Deva kooda saagarathe mel ", there stands our Thalaivar crowning his friend. Director Mani Ratnam has given a new dimension in describing the historical character Karnan and his friendship in Thalapathi, an evergreen cult classic. "Natpai kooda karppai pola yennuven.. ", the purity of friendship was sculptured at a greater heights. 

The "Mustafa Mustafa" goosebumps will leave us in tears especially everytime it is played during farewell parties. The breakup of two friends in Kaadhal Desam was really hard to be digest but the comprise had to be made for Love. The final touch of giving up their love for patching up the friendship was truly heart warming!

The character Vasanth from Kannedhirae Thondrinaal has portrayed a great meaning to the word 'loyalty' in friendship. The way he hides his feelings just to make sure he doesn't break his friend's heart, struck a chord with me. 

I've always wondered about the friendship in Priyamana Thozhi. Although opposite gender friendship has been a taboo for a long time now, Director Vikraman doesn't miss out on making his audience feel good throughout the three hours of this visual entertainment. Emotions for the win!

And countless latest movies where to have a hero's friend is as mandatory as having a main lead. Whatever may be the movie, there has never been a instance where friendship breaks. Even if it does, it always finds it way back!  True friendship can never break up,  it's just brake in the path. 

"En Thalapathy da !!!"

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