Once upon a Door

A load of treasure or a dungeon of crap, to hide from evil or to save the captive, the very first thing that stands in front of us is a door. It is something that gives us a sense of belief that it safeguards the entity to an extent. The open-close binary nature of it is simple yet helps reveal things as it is. Yes, the door can be semi open, but it still provides full entry to something relatively smaller like an insect. Now it's interesting to note that the action of the door determines whether or not the entity in front can pass through it according to the nature of the entity. Yes, addressing things as entities is the obvious fair thing to do as the door cannot be confined to just a physical one ignoring the virtual ones. On the physical front, the impact of the door that struck me first was, when Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia hides in the wardrobe closing its door, thereby venturing to a new place. Had there not been a door for the wardrobe where Lucy hid, the spectacular kingdom of Narnia wouldn't have been explored by her and her siblings. In this case, the importance of the door was paramount but the choice for using it was simple. 

Adding to the necessity to hide, it is also the appearance of the wardrobe of which the door was a part that tempted Lucy to hide in it. Just like it's said that, ‘Do not judge a book by it's cover', it does stand good at times for the door and what it encloses. This is where few doors can be deceiving as seen in Vadivelu's comedy scene in Maruthamalai. When the accused gets into his house pretending to see his mother, the door remains closed for a long time. It all looked normal until Vadivelu opened the double door nonchalantly, only to be shocked to see an open field! Broadly thinking, the door enclosed more than just a house.

The binary nature of the door has its purposes and they can be very much defining. Those doors are more often than not, virtual. They are too personal and heavy. The emotional doors that we keep to ourselves. Mouna Raagam has this feature in both the leads and is beautifully portrayed. The door can be a closed one, to guard ourselves from the chaos that surrounds us. To keep the arrogance in us from flooding out. To have the bitter memories secluded or to hide specific fears. The opening of such doors can either be liberating or catastrophic. The character played by Revathy had one such closed door which she had left undisturbed for a long time. The door enclosing the memories of her past. She had to open it up and share it at one stage and she does. Every one of us has this door. Holding it close for long, may heal it over time but the chances are less. Longer the time the door is closed, the pressure from inside to burst it open increases. The door can withstand the push only to an extent. It is hence important to let out the steam and share it with someone who you feel comfortable with.

The open doors means to accept things as it is, to be non judgmental, to acknowledge people or to empower the thoughts that come through. Many of us don't have them. But it's something that everyone needs to develop. Although Revathy's character didn't like the marriage, she had trust in Mohan's character. He left his heart open for her to decide whether or not to divorce him. He was welcoming when she painfully mourned her past. That’s the space where the pressure in the closed door comes out to the open door seeking for balance

The open doors are largely for the comfort of other people but can have an impact on how you look at life. Let's understand different perspectives, be kind and live life to the fullest. Hope the pandemic ends soon and we can march out of our homes just like Vijay Sethupathy does when he comes out opening the cabin door of the bank officer to a whacky BGM of Santosh Narayanan in Soodhu kavvum!


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-Prakash Bhaskharan

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Prakash September 15, 2020

Thanks Dinesh, Sundar n Govi!! Means a lot n good to hear 👍

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Extraordinary jp , one day u will become a great film director mark my words.

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