Pursuit of Optimism

Perseverance and Optimism:

You got a Dream, you gotta protect it’ and ‘If you want something, go get it. Period’ isn't an advice just for his son but for the whole mankind striving to come up in their life. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS is a movie that taught me to pursue my dreams without any second thoughts. Chris Gardner played by Will Smith is destined to face immense challenges in his life - he invests all his money in buying bone scanners which are just slightly good and costs more than the other scanners, his wife leaves for a better job, he loses his house, moves to a motel but ends up living in a homeless shelter for which he has to finish his work at the office soon to wait in the queue.

How can one expect a badly dressed guy dressed to be in an interview to get selected as an unpaid intern? That’s where Chris gathers all his courage and optimism and says,

I’m the type of person, if you ask me a question and I don’t know the answer, I am gonna say I don’t know. But I bet you what, I KNOW HOW TO FIND THE ANSWER AND I WILL”.

Too much Optimism in two lines is what fetches this ‘dressed as a Garbage man’ (as Jay Twistle says) the unpaid internship. But things get harder than before which is evident in a scene where Chris breaks down in tears in the BART station restroom with his son sleeping aside. Every time life puts him down, he stands up and continues.

During the final days of his internship, when he finishes selling all the bone scanners and is uncertain of what the future has in store for him, he takes his son to the beach and hotel. It shows that even though you do not know what will happen, you deserve a break and treat yourself to something nice.

Even after life challenges him with all these hardships, he never reveals his pathetic status to anyone in his workplace. His happy tears when he is asked “Was it easy as it looked?” and he replies “No sir it wasn’t” shows we will receive what we deserve when we continue with confidence. Every struggle has a happy ending. Especially the part where he says “This part of my life, this little part is called HAPPYNESS”.

Innocence and Optimism:

After getting screened multiple times in Vijay TV and in many film festivals, KAAKA MUTTAI has developed a separate fan base for speaking about some important social issues in a subtle, acceptable way unlike other movies where the protagonist starts to make revolutionary moves.

This film kind of depicts the tragic side of globalization where two kids driven by the ecstasy of tasting Pizza, go on a mission to earn more money as it costs more than their monthly income. It's not as easy as a Swiggy order for them. Unaware of how a part of the world sees them, they work hard to earn money for Pizza and even more money for buying clothes to appeal as good looking. Leaving aside the social differences dealt in this movie, the boys understand that they need to look good to be in places where only the rich are let in, which Chinna Kaaka muttai explains after seeing the City center building

Nammala kandipa ulla vida maataanunga”.

Their endless optimism, even after being called ‘Kuppathu pasanga’, gets shattered only when the manager of the shop hits them. But that won’t make them think pessimistically, instead makes them shift their goal towards earning more money to get their father released from jail. Their innocence can be seen in two scenes: the first one is where a media person talks about the boys being hit due to their slum background while these boys were actually walking past them with a wondering look on them and the other one is where the boys run away after getting to know that the video of them getting hit surfaces on media.

The climax of this film is were I felt, the Optimistic approach has its own way of giving things we desire, to us, in a way we deserve. In the meanwhile, it's ok to stay ignorant and find happiness in other things we do.

While ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ is about running for life, ‘Kaaka muttai’ is about running for things they desire. In both these movies the protagonist toil with an extreme sense of Optimism in different ways. What’s evident in these movies is that Perseverance and Optimism can be a massive success, on the other side, Optimism with a little innocence can make miracles happen.

Written by

- Dharshini Govindarajan




Gayathri September 24, 2020

This is so much relatable.. Great work by the writer. The real facts in our life has been described vividly.

Dharun September 24, 2020

Nice motivating message. Good job from the writer

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