Raiyilum Kadhai Pesuthey

"Romance is beautiful but Train romance is eternal". When I google the term Romance, I am told it’s the 'mystery associated with love'. A magical feeling like none other. We all grew up travelling in the train. We enjoyed watching the activities of the stations that pass by, seeing people waiting at the railway crossing and watching the moon which travels along with us throughout our journey. We even enjoyed the trees, farms, buildings and cities we crossed by. It is indeed a mysterious feeling that we indulge in all our train journeys. I would like to think that even this feeling is a type of romance that we develop with ourselves and the surroundings.

I still remember watching  Moondram Pirai. It was really touching to see Kamal trying to remind Sridevi about their memories together. Yes he does act a little silly but he does everything in his capacity to remind her of him. Romance is not just about candle lit dinners and beach views but also about the little things like this. It is the feeling that two people develop. The feeling of something new, exciting and fascinating. For instance, look at how Kamal tries to romantically convey his love in different aspects. The train is moving, the heroine has no memory about him and yet there was a deeper unseen bond that touched us all. No one would've wanted the train to leave at that instance. 


We all grew up seeing Maddy, Surya and several other heartthrobs fall in love and make us wanna experience the same feeling. A few of us would've even gotten jealous on seeing those beautiful romantic scenes, especially the ones on the trains. However beautiful it is, it's almost impossible for a similar situation to arise in our real life. Guess what? In these 24 years of my life, I’ve only been struggling to get a ticket and a decent place to sit until my stop arrives (idhula train romance vera)!


I still remember Madhavan proposing to Shalini in 'Alaipayuthey' in such a casual and fun manner that it makes me blush till date! The way he proposes to her and the way she looks at him is adorable! The train is in motion but he doesn't want it to leave. His words travel along with her through the journey. Did anyone else feel it? Seeing our loved ones on the other side of the platform while a train is crossing in front of them is a beautiful feeling. We might only be able to see parts of them through the crossing train's windows and doors but it gives us some strength to know that our loved ones are not too far or too close. And once the train crosses their path and we see them completely.. WOW!  That fulfilling feeling to me is romance. Bayanthutiya? Uyirae poiruchu!


'Varanam Ayiram' gives every youth some hope before boarding on a train, that maybe they’d be lucky enough to find someone special on their journey.  Surya tries to hold his heart back from falling in love but has no control over his eyes.Such a beautiful scene that one is. Not only eyes and words but even actions speak romance. His music and that guitar also elevates this chemistry between the two characters in the train!


'96 - A movie with the most divine romance that I’ve come across. Trisha and VJS bonding in the metro was such a beautifully done scene. There is one bit where both of them will hold on to a nearby poll. Their hands are very close to each other. Trisha’s hands move towards VJS’s hands but he moves away from her. Only people who’ve watched that song can feel how beautifully hands can speak romance. It is at that very moment that the metro display pops-up - "Please mind the gap between"(Come on guys nowadays metro trains are also romantic!). Today’s generation might never be able to understand the beauty of such moments. Master-piece!!

Meendum adutha rail paiyanathai nokki, ungalil oruvan!!

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-Manimozhi Saravanan

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Arrivarasan September 03, 2020

Happy to see you like these….such a good blog…wish you all the best for your future blogs…..Kadhal ninaivugaludan……

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