Real Drama in Real Drama

I have always firmly believed that Sports is the best possible ‘Representation of Life'. And when such a powerful tool is merged with the beautiful platform that is ‘Cinema’, the end product is something inspiring, unifying and enthralling to the audience. Here are the various emotions and attitudes that a game can bring in us and this is wonderfully portrayed through Cinema.

The ‘HOPE’ that ‘JEEVA’ gives:

Director Suseenthiran has delivered Sports classics time and again and his ‘Jeeva’ was an absolute inspiration to any ardent Cricket lover. The ‘HOPE’ in Ranjith’s voice when he tells “Namma rendu perum kandippa oru naal India kaaga aaduvom da” and the despair in Jeeva’s tone when he tells “Namma naatla mattum dhaan vaaipu kedaikaamaye thothu poitu irukkom” perfectly portray the various emotions that a Sports Person goes through in his/her journey. Jeeva’s (Vishnu Vishal) eventual success gives us belief that if your intentions are right, miracles can happen against all odds! Look at how impactful Cinema can be!!

The ‘DARE TO DREAM’ attitude that ‘KANAA’ gives:

Arunraja Kamaraj’s directorial debut ‘Kanaa’ was an empowering, techincally sound masterpiece! Kousalya’s(Aishwarya Rajesh) Dare to dream attitude was a telling takeaway for any aspiring rural girl! The director’s Sporting sense/maturity was evident in many scenes and along with various emotions like romance,bhumour and thrill,’Kanaa’ was a wholesome Sport-Cinema watching experience!

The ‘IDENTITY’ that ‘Ethir Neechal’ gives:

Kunjithapadham’s(Sivakarthikeyan) low self-confidence and embarrassment about himself is victoriously converted into Satisfaction’ and ‘Self-realization through a single Marathon victory! Coach Raja Singh ‘s “Participate vena pannalaam aana kandippa jeika mudiyadhu” jibe motivates the protagonist and the eventual victory is a self-realization of Kunjithapadham’s pride in his name and identity! The number of middle class boys motivated by this film is aplenty and unreal!

The ‘VICTORY’ that ‘M.S.Dhoni:The Untold Story’ gives:

For all the “Vaazhka ipdiye poiduma Sir” fears in Mahi’s mind, there is always a “Dhoni finishes off in style!” ending waiting for everyone of us! The sweet taste of victory is not achieved without the occasional bitter tastes of desperation and defeat!

‘Sport and Cinema’ and ‘Sport in Cinema’ has, is and will always be an essential aspect of our lives and there's no denying that!

Written by

- Balasatya. N


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