Is this Love?
Perks of heteronormativity in India and improper apprehension of homosexuality have started becoming the root cause for hate crimes against people from the LGBT community. Accepting people for who they are is not a common practice in India. Although a few people from the community have a better chance of being accepted, those in downtown are still under constant conflicts with their family and the public.
Laughing at rape jokes and a trans/bi person in cinema is the sad reality of many of our audiences. Dumping a person into the heap of suicidal thoughts just because their hormones and genetic insights are different from what is considered as normal in the society is so mournful. What if Mani Sir or GVM were to direct a romantic homosexual film? How romantic would it be to watch Karthik saying I wanna make love to you  to a Jagan or a Sakthi saying Yoschi solu to a Mary! Genders of people might differ but LOVE is universal.
Gender dysphoria is the biggest profanity that we've gifted our co-humans who have a few hormonal and genetic deviants in their lives. Offending people with tags of gay/bi is a serious social complication. However, in the end we all are just human beings surviving with a 4-chamber pumping organ. So start making love to all rather than cultivating hate and crime.
Written by,
- Supriya
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