Thank you Hugh Jackman

How do you say goodbye to something that's been a part of your life for a long time? Moreover, how do you say goodbye to someone who's been a part of your life for a long time? The only easy part is them not knowing you. Yaay. 


You might have fangirl-ed way beyond anyone's imagination when Hugh Jackman ran towards danger (consistent whistling) in Logan, one last time and that's completely okay. The title of this last installment was no brain teaser and it was easy to guess how emotional it'll be. The story is immensely personal on so many levels that you'll forget the amount of blood shed in the entire run time of the film. There's a reason James Mangold and his brilliant team named it Logan without any prefix or suffix. Another gift for the fans before the release was the poster of this film. The subtle references to the fact that mutants are humans too and that there's mere beauty in minimalism is nothing but an act of a real fan tribute. The scene where the official poster is recreated will break your heart into a million pieces and scatter them into places where even the Cerebro will fail to help you.



It's been 17 years since Hugh Jackman first appeared as Wolverine in X-Men and there isn't a soul on this planet who would disapprove that he was born for this role. If you're a 90's kid and an X-Men fan, you'll relate to how long this beautiful journey has been. 17 years of our lives isn't a small thing. Though the series din't do as well as the others on screen, it was a huge deal to characters like Logan, Prof Charles Xavier and Magneto and was definitely a "I'm going to watch this 200 times" for all comic book geeks. And as heart-wrenching it could get, Logan is a real deal. It's actually the end that we never foresaw and I never thought I'd live to witness it.




Logan opens with unanswered questions and follows the same theme until the post credit scene, which is technically the sweeper asking you to leave the theatre because there is no mid/post credit scene. Every scene will coagulate into one big nerve-splosion and your adrenaline level will specially be saved for one particular fight sequence and you will lose your mind. It's so well-crafted and nothing like The Wolverine (2013) even though the director is the same. It can easily be called a piece of art. When was the last time a superhero movie was branded as a piece of art? Never.



Just when you think Logan could not be any cooler, they place X-Men Comics right smack in the middle of nowhere and surprisingly, it makes absolute sense. It almost played a major role in the film but then again, the story constantly shifts and makes you focus on the umbrella question - what happened to all the mutants? There's no window to even think what happened when because every scene makes you wonder for a split second and immediately involves you in the next. Hugh Jackman's ability to deliver accurate expressions is something that you can't describe. You'll actually feel the pain in his eyes during close-up shots because even when you're acting, there's still a part of you reflecting from your eyes but Hugh Jackman seems to have mastered the art throughout his journey as the Wolverine. 




Hugh Jackman has given us a reason to love Wolverine even more. With being a badass, having perfect come-backs and sporting that beast of a beard, he's the true embodiment of what a comic book character would be like if he magically came to life. And without doubt, watching Logan in the theatre will be the hardest thing to do because you know it'll end soon. But it'll end for real this time and that will leave you in a trance. The climax of Logan is not predictable at the least but it's not on the list of history's biggest cinematic reveals. What I will say is that it will send you home with only half a heart and an unfinished glass of coke, with a million unanswered questions and a genuine wish for Hugh Jackman to stop ageing.


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Written by - Sajida Ayyup 



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