The Hidden meaning of silence

Cinema is an art through which an alternate world is depicted to our eyes or it may even be considered as an alternate reality. Silence conveys more meaning than words can. Cinema has the ability to instigate various shades of emotions hidden under our skin. So here's a list of films where I felt that silence had it's own voice and character.

1. In Mounam Pesiyadhe, even though Suriya falls for Trisha, in the end when Laila reveals herself that she was the one who never fell out of love with him, the way he silently realizes that she is the one is the ultimate love a guy like him deserves.

2. In Deiva Thirumagal's court scene when both the lawyers were putting forth their arguments, the re-unition of love between a little girl and her father who were desperate to meet and be with each other, made us all silently cry to ourselves.

3. In Pursuit of Happyness, during the climax scene where Will Smith finally settles into a full-time job, the way he embraces this news with his son, silently fighting back tears teaches us the real meaning of happiness.

4. In Thalapathy, the pain of breakup can be felt by us through the silence between Rajnikanth and Shobana when they meet after their separation.

5. In Anbe Sivam, the question of Who is God? was silently addressed as Love is the only God through various thematic depictions of atheism, altruism and communism.

6. In Kumbalangi Nights, a house which is always silent due to the strained relationship between the brothers is eventually reunited with love and happiness, teaching us to look for it in little things.

There are so many more movies which portrayed that sometimes even our silence can matter more than our words. Silence captures the emotional tone of a film and makes us all fall in love with the movie world and sometimes even make us live through stories!

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- Shobanaa Sampath

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