The Love (In)Sanity

Insanity is surely driven by some gravitation and all it takes is a little push, be it an emotional trauma or psychopathic illness or a proclivity or may be even the "Intimacy". The illustration of "Love" in cinema definitely holds a special place in all our hearts and I feel the definition of "Sanity" in love is no where near comparison. 

What would you call the eternal love of Guna for his Abhirami? Divinity or Insanity?! In a perfectly normal world full of insane people, the extraordinary Guna believes that it is his determination and his blissful soul that made Abhirami to fall in his other- worldly love. 

           "Oon uruga uyir uruga, thaen tharum thaadagame, 

            Madhi varuga , vazhi neduga oli niraiga vaazhvilae !". 

Woah! it's impossible to find me another way to express the profound love. I would rather call it as The Divine Love of the Insane. Every scene made us a part of his story and the climax being a speck of unimaginable pain! The characterization of Guna highlights the fact that Insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane society and it is perfectly portrayed by none other than the legendary Dr. Kamal Haasan. 

The above quote holds true even in the works of Director Bala's cult classic Pithamagan which brings out the sheer unconditional love between Siddhan (Vikram) and Shakthi (Suriya). I was awestruck by the way in which the contrast of characters were brought into the spotlight by love and affection. The inhumane, insane Siddhan who we might think is devoid of emotions seems to be a pre-historic kind. On the other hand, we have the jovial and fun loving Shakthi who believes that one should live life in their own terms. What an insane combo! Shakthi 's love for Siddhan never fails to instill emotions in him(Siddhan). The out raging emotions take him back to the brutal mankind but this time Love for his friend being the reason. 

    "Love transforms and love cures, but sometimes it is the same love that builds deadly traps of INSANITY". 

These deadly traps of insanity is obviously well noted in Balu Mahendra's eulogy Moondram Pirai - The Tragic Love story of Seenu.

Falling in love is glorious but that's not the case with every love story is! People are different and so is insanity.

    In her life of loneliness, he was her company. 
    In her insanity, he was her reality, 
    In her gloomy life, he was the color. 

But his expectation was infact a mere disappointment and this gravity pushes him towards Insanity. The epic climax of this movie left us all in a flood of tears. I always long for the usual happy Kollywood ending but Balu Mahendra’s masterpiece is an exception, yet an exemplary one! In Love, it takes the right person to balance the (in)sanity of yours! 

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- K. Madumithaa


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