The Rings of Colours in Cinema

Colors are not only vibrations of light but also act as a mood enhancer. The sight of the intricate Rangoli outside my house at the crack of dawn, uplifts my spirits. A conversation with the best friend enquiring about her favourite shade to matching couple outfits in a wedding, vivid colors are a feeling of euphoria.

The film industry has advanced its journey from the Black and White era to the Eastman color and then finally to color films. As a result of which, the beauty of colors can be felt on the big screen.

The movie “Rang De Basanti” which literally means “Paint me with the colors of spring” is a colorful embodiment of modern patriotism. A Marvel fan would definitely know the significance of the colored “Infinity stones” and how these stones change the course of the story.

Colors remind me of the festival “Holi” which is played with full exuberance. At times even virtual celebrations on screen brings life to the song “Balam Pichkari'' from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani which would want us to hit the dance floor in a flash. The song “Melala vedikudhu vaada; Melellam therikuthu poda” from Arrambam where we Thala Ajith slays a Salt n Pepper look, immerses himself with the flamboyant colors.

Every hue has its own affinity and attributes. The classic cult soundtrack ”Pachai Nirame Pachai Nirame” from Alaipayuthey depicts the evergreen romantic moments of cinematic nostalgia even after two decades. While the mighty “Hulk” is associated with the Olive color, the cold blue symbolizes serenity. I just love the blue Denims which is so comforting. Not to forget the Blue Aliens in “Avatar” that has a huge terrific fandom!

The rubescent color is associated with love and anger which could be seen in Thala Ajith’s “RED'' where he appears in crimson color and reforms for Revolution, Education, Development(RED).How about a bouquet of red roses which makes the heart go crazy? The bank robbers in Red jumpsuits exhibited the hues of emotions in Netflix’s “Money Heist”.

Lavender is a hue which fosters creativity and the song “Oodha oodha oodha poo; Oothum vandu oodha poo” penned by lyricist Vaali  from Thalapathy Vijay’s “Minsara Kanna” mesmerizes us with the amazing vocals by Singer Hariharan. The hale and healthy “Pink'' is a sign of sanguinity. This color reminds me of ”The Sky is Pink'' where there is a telephonic conversation scene between Priyanka Chopra and her son in the movie where she says ”You are the one who paints your own sky”. This line unfolds and unleashes a new dimension of hope which justifies the title of the movie.

A glimpse of the pale tint of yellowish orange sunsets reminds me of the song Manjal veyil malaiyile;Mella mella iruludhae“ composed by Harris Jayaraj where Padmasri Kamal Haasan re- paints the life of Jyothika with the colors of love in GVM’s Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. Yuvan‘s “Manja kaattu maina enna konji konji pona” is an ageless classic. Speaking about yellow, how can I not mention the bleed yellow team of Thala Dhoni? The slogan “Whistle Podu” stirs up the nostalgic emotions for all the CSK fans!

The creamy white is an epitome of purity. The serene rhythm of the eloquent “Vellai Pookal ulagam engum malarave” by Isaipuyal A.R Rahman soothes the soul and creates an inner peace. Another masterpiece melody “Pudhu vellai mazhai, ingu pozhigiradhu” of filmmaker Mani Rathnam’s Roja shot in the breathtaking location of Kashmir transports us to a new world.

Coming up next is the elegant Black. The song “Karupputhan enakku pudicha coloru” sung by singer Anuradha Sriram reveals the fact that Black is the apple of one’s eye. Undoubtedly a black outfit is attractive and stunning. For some black is mystery, darkness and for some it is authority & beauty. Truly a blend of mixed variations. This can be felt in Sanjay Leela Bansali’s “Black” which portrays a deaf and blind girl played by Rani Mukerji and her mentor Amitabh Bachchan Ji which leaves us with a mix of emotions.

Certainly Black belts are higher in ranks than the white belts in Karate. No wonder the movie Marvel’s “Black Panther” played by late actor Chadwick Boseman broke the racial stereotypes. His famous dialog “Wakanda Forever” remains close to our heart even now.

Every shade of color has its own significance and distinctive nature. It’s our responsibility to cross out the stereotypes, color bias. No matter how open minded and socially conscious we are, at times we have the old hidden biases that need to be examined and broken at any cost.

Life is like an iridescent rainbow and you need both the rain and sun to make its colors appear. What's a world without the presence of vibrant colors? Let the imagination run wild and let’s live a colourful life with sheer bliss!

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- Indumathi Suresh

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