The Super Deluxe of Second Chances

“Chance kabhi bhi last nahi, hamesha second last hota hai,” Meeta tells Nikhil in Hasee Toh Phasee. 

They say that when opportunities knock at your door, grab it immediately. One such movie, where the entire plot is all about the second chance in life that every character yearns for, is Super Deluxe. 


When the entire community looks down upon Manickam’s change to a transgender, Rasukutty gives him the much-needed approval and acceptance. The broad-minded innocence of the six-year-old itself is a second chance offered to Shilpa for reviving himself and living with his own family. 

Vaembu and Mugil: 

Vaembu has jeopardized her marriage with an extramarital affair with her ex-boyfriend. Mugil, very distraught, co-operates with her to dispose of the body. Their agreement on a mutual divorce comes to a standstill when a police officer talks dirty and tries to misbehave with Vaembu. Once all the hullabaloo ends, they both walk back to their apartment, smiling, which signifies their decision to give their marriage a second chance now that they understand each other better. 

Leela and Arputham: 

This duo’s son needs immediate medication, yet either one’s opinion on who will save him delays the hospitalization. Arputham’s belief in a rock takes a shocking turn when Shilpa enters his life for confession and leaves him lingering with the statement – “Adhu verum kallu dhan, Saami.” Shilpa gives him the second chance of viewing the stone with a new perspective, which then becomes the life-saver. 

The Four boys: 

The TV’s broken and the boys need a new one before dusk. Such a simple plotline, but it has its own fun elements in such a serious situation. When the second TV’s broken by one of them, their only hope lies in stealing. This second chance of replacing both the TVs offers one of the boys a split life of living one with the alien and the other with his usual set of friends and family. 

This entire movie which is interwoven with these four stories has only one thing in common – a second chance that’s being given to all of them and how they utilize it. 

For us, a second chance in real life would mean something like in the movie ‘Oh my Kadavule’ – with a ticket from God to restart all over again. But we all have had our own share of moments when we realize later – Vairam ondrai kaiyil vaithu engae thedi alaindhayo? 

- Dhevapriya R J
Sahithi September 05, 2020

Absolutely <3

Sahithi September 05, 2020

Calculative Meeta was right about life XD

Dhasa Sathyan September 06, 2020

Another explanation at a movie with multiple layers… 😍👌 Very well written…

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