The Vivegam Controversy — Love or Opportunism?

Ever since the online reviewer “Blue Sattai” Maran’s controversial review of the latest Ajith flick Vivegam, I have been noticing a million abusive videos all through the internet. Agreed, that the review crossed its limits in a few ways by shaming the team that worked on this behemoth of a film. But, does this deserve such abuse? Such vitriol, I have never seen for any film.

This is a long standing trend that has been brewing in the state of Tamil Nadu. The way the populace has embraced social media, especially YouTube shows the progressive nature our people. Within a short span of time, Youtube has become host for such wide variety of content and now has stars of its own. The channel creators have become stars on their own and as in any competitive market, the hunt for content and attention has grown leaps and bounds. And hence, the inclination to create something controversial and viral. People always react to negative content and this seems to be the easiest way to achieve YouTube success.

Fans or Opportunists?
While we have some fantastic content in the YouTube channels, this has also opened a can worms with the thought that anyone with a mobile phone and internet access can upload whatever they want in the name of content. I never saw this trend more than during the abusive videos directed at Maran and other reviewers who had given a negative review. My question is, is this purely due to love for Ajith or is it opportunism by some to cash in on a hot topic and open the gates towards becoming YouTube stars themselves?

Also, I saw directors who are struggling to make a name in the industry(Except Vijay Milton) using this controversy to get make their 2 mins of fame. Am sure Ajith wants none of this and will not stand for any of the abusive content that is being spewed. So who are these so called fans? A real fan of a hero should stand by his characteristics. Ajith being the calm, composed and most civil man the industry has known would never identify with such abusive content. I understand the love for the man but the excessive abuse shows our community in such poor light. 

The Responsibility of YouTube Stars
Also, other YouTube content creators using this controversy to gain a few more subscribers is downright deplorable. Funnily, most of these channels make political comments and silently push in their ideologies into so called comedy content. But, the irony is, using any controversy to gain foothold is exactly what politicians do, the very people they are against.  As competition grows, the YouTube stars who started out against the political void and corruption end up behaving like politicians themselves. They use the same tropes that their leaders use, Invoking Tamil pride being the most abused one. It’s easy for them to understand that saying “Naan Tamizhan da” or “Tamizhagha Ila gnar gal Sakthi” will get several likes considering how proud and emotional Tamilians are. But what content have they created that actually speaks about Tamil culture? Half of them can't seem to pronounce ழ or ள the fundamental letters that define the language. If I need Tamil pride I would rather listen to Solomon Pappiah’s தினம் ஒரு திருக்குறள் or listen to Thenkachi Swaminathan. 

It is time the content creators(not all) rise above rhetoric and opportunism and actually create content that actually changes people’s lives or makes them gain knowledge like Premanand Sethurajan’s LMES rather than using the volatile youth by making controversial content which is pure opportunism. 
And it is time that the fans understood the best way love your hero is to live the life he lives — fearless, determined, hardworking, and being a gentleman.

Written by 

Aditya Raghavan

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Antony May 16, 2018

Abi, neenga vivegam la screenplay nalla irukunu solureenga. Plot point , change of plan , apdi oru graph illatha oru movie epdi nalla screenplaynu solla mudiyum .
And 3 Act structure la oru ACT aachum correct ah screenplay pannapola illaye Abi .

Yuvraj SM May 16, 2018

Vivegam is not upto to the standard by any means. But Abhishek raja is fully biased when it comes to Ajith Kumar. This is the worst review by fully filmy ever. I was a follower of your reviews from the beginning. But you are surely gonna face a great drop in your subscribers after this dumb review about vivegam.

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