Top 9 Binge-worthy YouTube Channels

You’re probably already through a lot of your usual YouTube channels by now. And let’s be real, binge-watching never gets old! So, it should be about time to refresh your subscribed list with some of these channels.

#1 The King of Random

Even though I’m usually a fan of informative style videos, this channel really caught my attention. All their titles seem incredibly like a click-bait but that’s the fun part of their videos. They actually follow through on whatever crazy thing they claim in the title! From experimenting with different peanut butter and charcoal to make crystals, to frying pens of all things (why any sane human being would do that is beyond me), they don’t stop at anything to put the ‘random’ in the King of Random. And best part, you actually get to see exactly how these experiments are done so you can replicate them at home if you want! This experiment is probably my favourite so far. The one where they explode bottles with a sonic boom!

#2 Kurzgesagt

This channel has some of the best info videos out there! They cover a really wide range of topics. Some concern all of us like global warming and plastic pollution, yes, they even have a video on the Corona virus! And other topics that are a little out there like how likely are we to meet aliens or are we real or just a part of a simulation (like the Matrix). They have a calm narration style with facts backing up every one of their claims. But the best part is probably their animation style. Each video is painstakingly animated, and you really begin to appreciate the detail and effort they put into each video. They might not post often, but their quality is unrivalled. And you can get started right now with their video on The Great Filter, which is about alien life!

 #3 CollegeHumor

Yes of course, CollegeHumor is not exactly a lesser-known YouTube channel. But their videos are probably some of the funniest ones out there. Their sketches have an exaggerated style of humour, and their format almost never stays the same. Their ‘Running into your Ex’ video has a tense scene narrated like sports commentary, which is just ingenious if you ask me. Besides they’ve also come up with their own channel for some their game shows, podcasts and many more! Don’t miss out on those either.

#4 Vox

If Vox aims to be an information provider, they have done it spectacularly! Any information you want to get from one of their videos is actually one of the most easily broken down in a way anyone can understand it. Which now that I think about it, is one of the reasons I wanted Pop & Culture to be simple as well. But getting back to Vox, their videos are simply authentic and interesting, and it’s a guarantee that you will your interest covered! And this is one of the most uplifting compilations they’ve come up in our current situation.

#5 ViHart

ViHart is the objectively calmest video channel on this list. She does nothing but doodle for her videos, but her narration and sometimes the sheer randomness of her doodles make for great watch. Her video where she doodles in Maths class is probably one of her funniest, mostly because of how off-the rails her thought process is and how she makes it sound like she’s sitting right next to you in the middle of class while doing so!

 #6 Vice

This channel hits the exact point between being informative and clickbait-like. Their videos are centred around people and their experiences in their profession or life. Which sounds very normal right now but consider this: they have a video on witches cursing politicians (actual witches, actual curses, no exaggeration). Their videos feature the most unique people you could ever think of, and the stories you wouldn’t have otherwise heard. Watching Vice videos in a weird way makes you realize while we all are human beings, the sheer diversity among us is staggering. Personally, I’m down with people doing ridiculous challenges so this is my Vice video recommendation below. Enjoy!

 #7 Binging with Babish

You know it’s a good sign when you have the word ‘binge’ in the title itself! We have all had plenty of times when we watch a film and the character loves a particular dish that we can’t obviously taste through screen. While the filmmakers do manage to convey how delicious the item is, you’re left curious wondering what the big deal is. Well you can stop wondering now! This channel brings you the best food you’ve seen on screen with the entire making process. You can watch the shawarma from Avengers (the first one) being made right in front of your eyes with the distant possibility that hey, you can make this too! If you can control your hunger, the steady narration and the neat set-up make for the perfect binge experience.

#8 Insider

If you frequent Instagram, Insider videos would have made it onto your feed at least once by now. They have a wide branch of videos from Pop Culture Detective, where they break down movies, tropes and the like, to videos like “It’s Cool but does it really work?” where they try to see if “miracle” products are really that miraculous. Giving you multiple series to binge is like a having a mini-Netflix right on Youtube! If you’re getting started, don’t miss their video on the evolution of Frozen’s animation!

#9 The SloMo Guys

One of the more satisfying-feeling videos in this list, this channel’s name actually says it all. They’re guys who do slo-mo videos. But using slightly advances technology, they’re able to give us the kind of slo-mo content, we can never make ourselves. So that means videos like bouncing on an extremely large water balloon, to World War 2 Tanks firing. They have truly covered it all! As I’m writing this, I’m just imagining the amount of chaos you would get is you teamed these guys up with the King of Random. That would probably break both their follower counts!

So, with a lot of new videos to watch, all I can say is Happy Bingeing!


Nithya Muralidharan.

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