Tropes of Optimism in Cinema
What could be the reason for the emergence of Motion picture from a mere entertainment tool to a powerful influencing medium? What made the life of a bus conductor attain an exponential growth making him a demi god in our country? How did a fictional character from a three hour film change the fate of TN politics forever?
The answer to all of these mysterious wonders lie within a single word - Optimism.
We always want to remain on the winning side, we always want happiness and prosperity flourish through our lives and that's what we all love to watch on screen. Just like how Thanos said, We all know that reality is often disappointing. All of us face our own struggles and since most of the cinema audience belong to the adult age group, there is no need to brag about how reality hits us.
At this state of mind, a con man enters the cinema hall to escape the reality for a short span of time and he would prefer watching a man smashing punch dialogues straight to the villain's face and winning against a goon, politician or even the entire govt like what we saw from the film Sivaji. So, This clearly shows that majority of the audience love to watch the protagonist being a common man win a near impossible battle against a superpower.
The commonest battles won by our cinema heroes are as follows-
1. Exponential growth following a betrayal -
Annamalai stands tall as the best example for optimism in Tamil Cinema. The scene where Thalaivar confronts Sarath Babu and MR Radha taking an oath to beat their financial status remains as the strongest dose of motivation for any common man irrespective of the situation.
Zero va iruka oru aal Hero vaa maarura kadhai dhaan iniku vara Tamil cinema la Blockbuster padama varudhu.
2. The War for Love -
We have come across so many dumb heroine characters who are stalked by hero characters only to end up with them in the climax. I am not talking about those kind of films!
Remember Ghilli Where Velu saved Dhanalakshmi from her hopeless life and defeated a political giant in an open stadium?
Remember Unakum Enakum where Jayam Ravi learns agriculture overnight for convincing Prabhu about his true love?
This is what I am referring to. Tamil Cinema has boosted confidence into the mind of youths proving that its worth fighting a war for their love.
3. A woman can make anything out of nothing - 
This might stand a bit far from reality but the encouragement and faith that a woman has on his man making him successful is not very uncommon which we encounter in Tamil Cinema.
There are still hopeless youth who are expecting an angel like Anitha (from 7G Rainbow Colony) to come into their life and turn it into a meaningful one.
And we all can relate more towards Chinraasu who has grown up with an abusive father and a single woman has believed in his talent and has brought the best out of it. It all sounds like fantasy right? It is!
4. The underdogs emerging victorious at the end -
Our own Indian cricket team entered into the '83 CWC as underdogs and snatched their maiden title from the Mammoth Windies team! This by itself could form the plot for an amazing sports drama film.
And we already have a few such examples including Lagaan where Amir Khan's village based Indian team beats the English Cricket Team formed by the Authorities for waiving off the agricultural tax from their village. This is not limited to sports, it can also be a story of a common man like Aarusamy(Vikram) from Dhool who takes down the Minister and shuts down the Chemical Factory which pollutes a river in his hometown.
At the end of the day, if we have a closer look at the films which have performed well at the Box Office, one can arguably say that Each and every film has contained optimism into its soul and has basically attracted us all into watching the same film again and again without getting saturated. No one can deny the fact that the Optimism and Cinema industry are inseparable. Optimism has created talented artists, nurtured their essence and delivered quality cinema. In that way, it has dwelled into our lives as well.
Written by
- Balaji Kannan
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