Vivek's Journey through Kollywood, Comedy & Beyond

Actor Vivek has found a place in the heart of multiple generations. He has survived many ups and downs but he has managed to be relevant even today. There are times when we identify a movie by recollecting a comedy scene that he was a part of. Often it gets difficult to keep track of the number of times we have watched and rewatched his work! That's the kind of magic he creates.

Through the years he has represented many communities, raised many questions, and showed us many perspectives. He has converted so many unspoken topics into a casual joke and normalised many taboos. He once said that the way you say something is always the deal breaker. The writer has already written the content and the actor’s job is to deliver it. He has mastered the craft of adding his own touch but still communicating the core effectively.

We see a bit of the real Vivek in the characters he plays. He has a way of making so many complex things very understandable to a common man. He knows his audience very well. He has been in the industry for a long time. Not a lot of people his age will be able to connect to a younger crowd. But he has managed to portray some really nice characters today. Be it a doctor in Dharala Prabhu where he portrays a unique character or the father that we relate to in Meesaya Murukku, he has been very entertaining to watch.

There is this thing with artists that do a lot of Comedy, we have seen them portray a joker or someone whose main role is to induce humour. So, it becomes hard for the viewer to take this actor seriously. For a comedy actor to  pull off a very convincing serious role is not an easy task and Vivek manages to effortlessly do that as well! This is also because he was that person in the film who has always addressed serious things but just that it's packaged differently.

There has always been a Parallel in his joke. When you tell the audience what to do it becomes advice and no one wants to listen to that but when you package it around humour like he does, then it automatically reaches out to them. We can find ourselves taking a step back questioning things. This precisely is the after effects of his jokes. 

We are easily able to digest all of the complex things he says. The actor's real life qualities and his interest in society has never been a secret. Things that he has raised a voice for, the trees he has planted and so many things that he has done has been an inspiration to many. We look up to many things he says and he has earned that respectable position. So subconsciously this also helps when we see him on screen. 

He has always been a pleasure to watch and he will always be. He has made all kinds of roles relatable for all kinds of people. When we see him in a film in one scene saying one dialogue we will still know that it is definitely more than just a joke and so we can’t wait to watch more of him on screen!

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