What did the Mirror say to Leela?

Good cinema and conflicts go hand in hand. When it comes to Kaatru Veliyidai, the crux of the movie is Varun and Leela finding their way back to each other and the conflict is Varun’s character. He is a self-centered narcissist and a patriarch, who is constantly in love with his own ego. He only does what he wants until Leela comes his way. Leela meets this chauvinistic Air Force Officer and even though she knows he’s going to tear her apart, she’s letting herself fall in love with him. Every time we watch her on screen, we just want to scream at her, “No, don’t go after him, you do not deserve this” but maybe our screams never reached her ears. Wonder why? Because she listened to the mirror!

“நெரித்த திரைக்கடலில் நின்முகங் கண்டேன்;
நீல விசும்பினிடை நின்முகங் கண்டேன்”

She’s a doctor. Her primary work is to look after her patients and make sure that they are doing fine. She’s getting an opportunity to save an Air Force Officer who has met with a major accident. She treats him. The next morning, she shines a torch in his eyes to check if he has got back his consciousness. He opens his eyes and she sees a reflection of herself inside his eyes. 

“Officer, look at me. Naa Pesardhu Kekkudha?”

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and they reflect everything that seems to be hidden”. Maybe this is when the mirror started talking to Leela, telling her to look at the soul that’s hidden behind this uptight Air Force Officer, also letting her know that she might end up hurting herself in the process. She listens to the mirror, starts to like this man, discovers that it’s not going to be easy, but chooses to face whatever that comes her way.


Whenever she thinks of him and looks at the mirror, all she does is think of how even the thought of him is taking her breath away. She thinks of how she’s now with the man whom she has been admiring since her 12th grade. She liked him back then when she knew nothing about him other than the letters of her brother mentioning about him. She’s in love with the dangerous chemistry that’s there between the two of them and she’s all in to love him and to show him how to love her. 


She wants to invest all her time and energy in loving the man that’s underneath the egoistic Air Force Officer yet every time she takes a step forward, he messes up real bad. He’s giving her more reasons to stay away from him and save herself from getting hurt further. For the first time, she sees in the mirror more than just the VC whom she wants to love. She realizes that the battle is getting tougher each day.

“கர்வம் கொண்டால் கல்லாய் உறைவான்    
காதல் வந்தால் கனியாய் நெகிழ்வான்”

The mirror showed Leela the love of her life and also, a flawed version of the same man. She sees both the good and the bad and chooses to nurture the good in him. She bursts his bubble of ego and ignorance and asks him, “What’s more important? our love? or you being the self-centered version of yourself for the rest of your life? You only get to have one.”


In the end, don’t we all want our movie’s hero to smash the hell out of the villain and win over our hearts? don’t we all want our main characters to struggle through the conflict and come out of it all bright and shinning? Well, Leela, our hero, did just the same. 

Written by

- Sai Swasthika

Rajeshwari September 18, 2020

Wowww… What an oblique interpretation to the story… Very impressive

Dhanalakshmi Mohanraj September 18, 2020

Intense writing about an intense movie.
Great work Sai Swasthika!

Sughirtha Dhamodharan September 19, 2020

Neither did Leela nor Kaatru veliyidai got what they deserved!

Eden Olive September 19, 2020

To love a narcissistic person is no bed of roses. Among the mordern world, where lovers breakup over a petite fight, it is admirable how leela kept showering love. This is an excellent write up about an intense love👌 Kudos to the Author🎉👏

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