What is different about Aayitha Ezhuthu?


Aayitha Ezhuthu is the last alphabet of the tamil language that is very unique and rarely used. The name Aayitha Ezhuthu for the film works well on multiple levels. The physical structure of the alphabet is 3 dots too. This also shows the 3 storylines. The meaning of “Aayitha Ezhuthu” is very powerful and strong. The word literally means the power of the letter, just like how the film talks about power and its play. The 3 dots together work as 1 letter and that's how we see the 3 characters in the film. Right from the credits animation this is emphasized on. 


All the three characters are very grey with Inba being the darkest shade of the three. However, we will still be able to empathise with them due to their backstories, journeys and their character arcs. Inba’s potions with Sasi reveals another  side of him that we might not have seen otherwise. Arjun is in the middle where he is a normal confused graduate but also a bit selfish. Michael is a little more idealistic one, standing up for justice and social work. However even he is shown as a short-tempered man whose anger often gets the better of him causing havoc. This realistic portrayal provides to be a substantial reason for the film’s massive fan following.


These 3 characters deliberately come from different sectors of life. Arjun is what is most relatable as that is somewhat who we are, Michel is who we want to be and Inba is who we don't want to become. By we here I mean the young generation. The fact that Michael’s character was inspired by George Reddy makes us connect with this so much more. The real life story becoming reel makes us feel and understand the authenticity of it. 


Michael was the driving force of the entire film. The plot line also merges because of Michael during the gunshot. The whole thing is a domino effect but it existed because of Michael. All the three actors made it very convincing and this film is one of their best. The film ended with a high note that it makes us want to get up and do something great. A lot of credits goes to actor Surya for making that happen. When we see them finally winning the election and stepping in, we see the colours standing out among all that white. When Surya pushes Bharathiraja to the side and enters along with ARR’s BGM we feel it, we feel the essence of the film and that is the film’s biggest success.


Red stand for fire, love and strong emotions. Green denotes nature, growth and renewal while Blue usually means calm, serene and going with the flow. These are the three primary colours from which every other colour is created. That's exactly how we see these three characters Inba, Michal and Arjun. We see very primary and strong qualities with these three. A combination of these qualities is what we see in most other human beings. We see the impact of these colours in clothes, props and backgrounds making the frames better.


The songs and the bgm were definitely a major boost for the film with the album being one of ARR’s best works! Each song helped elevate the flow of the film. It always helped convey more to the storyline without bringing in a random unnecessary foreign location dance sequence. Each song with the lyrics, composition and picturisation told us the story about the couple and their love with the BGM elevating the vibe of the film.


The story starts off with the 3 characters talking about love. Inba about failed love and the problems of marriage, Michael about their love and its progress and Arjun about expressing his love for the first time. The way the 3 love stories were represented especially in the 3 songs - Sanda Kozhi, Nenjam Ellam and Yakkai Thiri, was refreshing to watch. The way the songs were well treated from the picturisation to the color of the outfit everything showed us their relationships and their bonds better.  

Youth politics is not seen too often in cinema. The film was probably advanced for its time, but as the years went by we have grown to love the film. There is Inspiration, there is Hope, there is Love, and there is lots of Emotion. Every bit of the film has been well branded. The devil is in the details and all these details together synchronised extremely well. 

Aayiram ilangairgal thunidhu vital ayudham ethuvum thevai illai. 

- Sharmila GM

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