What is in a Dream? – Kadhaipoma

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

– Walt Disney 

For any movie maniac we call movies itself as a dream factory. From this dream factory we have many multifaceted products which have given us the right dose of inspiration, love, empathy and even patriotism at times. When it comes to Dreams, I started to dream of many movies filling up my mind. Here are a few songs and scenes that beautifully talks about dreams.


It was an innocent brother’s dream to see his sister always happy. Little did he know that her happiness would cost him a pathetic life in the latter part. However his dreams were fulfilled as a brother for his sister. 

“Malargalaip Pol Thangai Urangugiraal
Annan Vazha Vaipaan Endru Amaidhi Kondaal
Kalaindhidum Kanavugal Aval Padaithal
Annan Karpanaith Thaerinil Parandhu Sendraal"

Imagine if Radha (Savithri Mam) & Rajasekaran (Sivaji Ganesan Sir) woke up and realized everything they went through was just a dream and they get a chance to relive it again. 


A small town naughty, innocent and beautiful girl Roja dreamt of very little things which any girl could ask for. Every time I listen to this song, It kindles my inner child and motivates me to wake up and be optimistic about everything I see..


Chinna Chinna Aasai Siragadikum Aasai
Muthu Muthu Aasai Mudinthuvaitha Aasai
Vennilavu Thottu Muthamida Aasai
Ennai Indha Boomi Sutrivara Aasai



This is a movie which will come to my mind for any genre or any prompt to be asked for from me. It talks about the rise, fall and an epic comeback of Gurukant Desai. To Witness a movie like this, for anyone’s dream to be fulfilled and to be accomplished we need the following recipe: 

  • Someone to trust your dream (Jignesh – Sujatha's Brother) 
  • Someone to accompany you blindly to be who you are (Sujatha - Guru Bhai's Wife) 
  • Someone to make us feel grounded, though we achieve big, pursue big (ManikDas – Mithun Chakraborthy) 
  • Someone to stay by your side no matter what (Guru Bhai's Assistant) 
  • Someone to say don’t keep on day dreaming (Guru Bhai's Father) 

Besides all of the above there should be one inner voice saying you few things to accomplish what you want to do in life: 

Orae kana en vaazhvilae
Athai nenjil vaiththirunthen
Kana meiyaagum naal varai
Uyir kaiyil vaiththuruppen

Vaanae en melae saaindhaalumae
Naan meendu kaattuven
Nee ennai konjam konjinaal
Nilaavai vaanguven

The last scene of the movie where Guru Bhai addresses the empty ground which is eventually filled with an audience is where I felt one’s dreams can come to reality. 

These are very minimal thoughts which came to me when it comes to dreams. It conveys only one thing again & again be it Anandan’s dream from Iruvar, Pakshi’s dream from Endhiran or Shyama’s Dream from Kannathil Muthamital. 

Kadavule konjam vazhi vidu
un arugile oru idam kodu
punnagai engal thaai mozhi endru varam kodu
boomiyil sila maaruthal thanai vara vidu


I wish even this year 2020 could have been a bad dream and we could relive the way everything was.

Putham puthu boomi vendum
Nitham oru vaanam vendum
Thanga mazhai peiyya vendum
Tamizhil kuyil paada vendum
Written by
-  Deepthi 
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