What My ‘Too Good To Be True’ Fictional Crushes Taught Me

What do ‘hope’less romantics like me do? Breathe unrealistic standards of how our  ideal partners should be! The irony is, I don a ‘Morattu Single’ tee proudly during the day & at night my hopeless self sneaks out to meet the Karthik (Ye Maaya Chesave) of my dreams.

But the kind of guys that I've encountered in real life & on dating apps, made me question myself. “Do guys like George (Premam), Maari (Maari 2) & Giri (Om Shaanti Oshaana) really exist or no?” I blame it all on the south Indian film industry for gassing me up & igniting a ray of hope in me. The amount of time I keep obsessing or maybe, daydreaming about my significant other, is just not funny. But again, it’s not only me, or is it? Every girl pictures her dream boyfriend, wedding, & basically her entire life. 

I have had so many heartbreaks, that now I know, the melancholic lyrics to Po Nee Po, & Adiga Adiga by heart. Having said that, the heart wants what it wants. That’s how me & my lovesick but hopeful heart reached a middle ground, that I’ll fall in love with fictional characters only, but still be hopeful of my dream boyfriend. At least that way, my fragile heart won’t be subjected to occasional heartbreaks. *sniffs*

Let me introduce you to all the protagonists that I’ve loved -

Karthik Varadharajan (Alaipayuthey) 

It was love at first sight with Karthik. His carefree attitude & the way he rode his bike to Endredrum Punnagai, was all it too for me to fall in love with him. So much so that I still hope that my very own real-life Karthik Varadharajan would be somewhere, waiting to mess with me at someone’s wedding. Also, one of the reasons why I attend every wedding so religiously *blushes*. 

Ashwin Jayaraman (Ko)

Since I am a journalist myself, a colleague like Ashwin, made me feel an instant connection with him. We both love our profession a lot, & social issues will always be on our priority list. Besides, in real life, I would share a great rapport & wouldn't mind an occasional flirt.


Ram (M3)

I was in 8th grade when I met Ram. That childlike innocence, the butterflies your first crush gives you & the happiness of seeing him getting married. It was all dream-like, but short-lived though. It made me realize, mental health & trauma might go a long way if one doesn’t heal from it completely. Also, one needs to confide in their close ones no matter what. 

George (Premam) 

Well, cupid hasn’t been nice to him for reasons unknown. Be it his first crush or teen love, it met with a dead-end. Just when he was sane enough to carry on alone with his life, Celine entered to stay forever. George’s mass style & flirtatious ways still have me deeply enchanted. If my real life George enters my life wearing a black shirt & Veshti + Shades then I better fall in his arms right away.

Karthik (Ye Maaya Chesave)

Karthik didn’t attract me initially, but the way he fell in love with Jessie & religiously pursued his love, won me over. His utter passion for her, made me smile throughout. He went through it all just because he knew, she’s worth it. If I ever happen to meet my real life Karthik, I swear I won’t make him struggle so hard, I promise.

Vijay Govind (Geetha Govindam)

If I choose to ignore that one grave mistake of Govind’s then he already has my heart. He has looks & personality that could kill. There’s not even a single day where I don’t listen to Vachindamma & recreate them in my mind. If I ever meet him in real, my first advice to him would be, don’t listen to your friend’s advice ever!

There are many more to this list, but I shouldn’t come off to you as someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. The reason I wanted to talk about them is for that one common thing that they all give me - Hope!

These characters are so raw & real that they never put on a facade of who they could have been. They always believed in love and hoped for & embraced it whenever it knocked on their door. They accepted love with all the hurt & flaws that came with it.

I hope that the man of my dreams, would try to woo me by dancing to the tunes of Yuvan, Harris, Anirudh & AR Rahman’s tracks, and hopefully have a voice of Sid Sriram, looks of …. You know who *winks*. Until then, I’m onto my next movie & meeting my next boyfriend there.

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-Gargi Shanbhag

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