7 Things to expect from Wunderbar's "Wunderbar App".

The Netflix generation has provided us many strange, likable things, and has, in return, taken our patience away. We’re not going to sit in front of our television sets and watch shows that don’t mean anything to us. We’d rather watch Friends a couple more times. Instead of digesting those boring shows, watching Ross yell, “We were on a break,” is healthier for our sense of humor. 



The YouTube Generation: 

After YouTube started gaining more eyeballs, short filmmakers thought of putting their content online to acquire an acceptable status. Now, YouTube is walking a fine balance between original content and douchey material. Trailers, songs, and pranks are getting more than a million hits; similarly, some online masters are also targeting a million hits with their original content within hours of their release.


 The Story of Original Content:

TVF, the digital entertainment company, lit the lamp of online content in India. I’m not saying they are the first ones to do it, but TVF was the first company that made original content go viral. Their shows, Permanent RoommatesPitchers, and Tripling, have hit the bull’s eye. Sumeet Vyas, Naveen Kasturia, Maanvi Gagroo, and Nidhi Singh are stars today because of those shows. Their popularity has been on the rise since the release of those originals.   



Sensing the depth of the well of possibilities in the digital world, Yash Raj Films dived into it with shows like Man’s World, Bang Baaja Baaraat, and Ladies Room. Web series in Telugu and Tamil also followed. Some of them are: Muddapappu Avakai, Black Sheep, Ctrl Alt Del.


 The toast of Tamil cinema, Dhanush, is currently working on Wunderbar App with some of his partners. The app will bring films, music videos, web series, reality shows, reviews, and many other features. Though, it’s hard to say what exactly Wunderbar App is aiming at right now, this piece of news is definitely interesting as the people behind this venture are immensely reliable when it comes to content.


I’ve made a list of pretty things the admirers of Wunderbar offerings would like to see in the app:

1. Short films directed by Sevaraghavan, Dhanush, Aishwaryaa, and Soundarya

 Dhanush is currently busy with his directorial debut starring Rajkiran, Prasanna, Chaya Singh, Nadhiya, and Robo Shankar. When his quirky titled film, Power Paandi, releases, we’ll know his power as a director. On the other hand, Selvaraghavan, Aishwaryaa, and Soundarya have already directed feature films. It’ll be fascinating to see what they can do in the short film format. Aishwarya Dhanush has already launched a YouTube channel, Ten Entertainment which provides a platform for upcoming filmmakers to showcase their short films. Few films from that database might get featured on this app too. 


2. Music videos featuring independent artistes

The Wunderbar App said that it would have music videos. Dhanush is a visionary! It is well-known to all that it was he who identified the pottential music director in the then independent musician, Anirudh. Currently, Anirudh is one among the top 5 music directors of K-Town. I hope Dhanush brings more Anirudhs to the industry. Wunderbar’s support to independent artistes will increase the cool-quotient of the industry.  


3. Star studded web series 

Trisha Illana Nayanthara is a movie title that made us go a little crazy. The content of G. V. Prakash’s film was a big reason too. If a title could mean so much to us, imagine the craze-level if the two actresses joined hands for a web series. Here I am only coining one casting idea that the team Wunderbar can easily bring together. It is evident that lot of such exciting casting ideas can be planned and executed by only few in the industry and Wunderbar is without a doubt one of them. 


 4. Short animated films

Indian animated films have not really made it big at the box office. We have cartoons; yes! Still, there’s a big gap in what the audience wants, and what the makers are giving. Can Wunderbar give animated content for adults? Not to forget Soundarya's expertise in the field of graphic designing. What if the project Sultan - The Warrior finds its light of the day through this app? That’s some food for thought.  


5. Anthology series

Stupid movies in the name of horror flood our theatres. The genre hasn’t yet seen an intelligent series so far. I hope Wunderbar comes up with an amazing series with horror as its central theme. Many other genres can also be explored here! 


6. Comedy sketches

Who wouldn’t want to laugh at the adventures and misadventures of youth? I’m not pushing the old folks out of this. Anything, or anybody, that can make us laugh should make it to Wunderbar.


7. Documentaries

Documentaries don’t usually get a lot of appreciative eyes. Wunderbar can change that by releasing well-made documentaries on their app. Aishwarya Dhanush is already working on a documentary titled Cinema Veeran, which throws some light on the stunt men of Tamil cinema for which our very own Superstar Rajini will render the voice over. So will the release f Cinema Veeran happen on Wunderbar App? 


The Hits and Misses

While the success stories encourage the makers to come up with innovative and quirky ideas for the digital space, there’s a neglected side that needs to be taken into account. Everything available at our fingertips isn’t worth our time. There are many videos that don’t even cross one thousand views. If the content is splendid, and recommendable, it will go viral in no time; however, if it’s anywhere near despicable, it won’t get any likes, shares, comments (unless it’s the trailer for MSG The Warrior).

Written byKarthik Keramalu



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