What would movies be like, without second chances?

Sometimes it is ok not to be ok. This is the best consolation line when we get no second chances. When Surya got Kakka Kakka or when Vikram became Chiyan Vikram in Sethu, they would have trudged on. One more opportunity to be seen by millions or at least thousands.  But will this movie redeem me or be swallowed among other releases. These movies created a quake in Kollywood Cinema and two performers were born. No, they were re-born. They walked out of their graves and showed the world that they exist. Second chances are powerful. Second chances bend the universal laws. Second chances are soul stirring. And second chances are otherworldly.  This drama in the reel world is no less insignificant. 

Shahrukh Khan once said, “When you want something so bad, the universe conspires to make it happen”. Had Jessie given a second chance to Karthik, probably we would have forgotten VTV by now. When Sridhar takes the long walk to an office wearing a tucked-in shirt and tie, something dies within us too. Inching towards the edge of the seat, we want him to turn around, fling his resume and continue being the struggling musician he is. Why? Failure is another facet of romance. The man on the screen becomes a magnified version of ourselves. We want him to grow, be happy, get married and fulfill his dream because it makes us believe that life is not all that bad. But if the same man ends up up bloodied and beaten by fate, we tell ourselves, “See, this is reality”. Failure is relatable. In those few beautiful moments, the audience and the hero merge to become one. And they celebrate this sense of oneness when things fall apart.  


Second chances are like a red chiffon saree. You can drape it like a Madhuri or as a Kanchana. When Visu saved Krishnaveni Paati from a gristly state of coma, it led to her becoming a badass paati. She realised life is too short to patronise morals and ethics! When Jaanu saved Badri from a limbic lifestyle, she disrupted his mental makeup.  The new Badri literally became what he can be - a fighter ( literally and figuratively ). Second chances will precede with death. A mental death. You have to die to give birth to the new you. A 2.0 version who can either become a Batman or Joker. The beauty is, we love Batman and Joker equally. The only lie in this statement is, we love joker a tad bit more. 

What is this second chance? How to notice one? What is it made of? Am I done if I fail to go after it? Pandian turned into Shanmugi to spend time with his daughter when he lost his child over a divorce clash. Why waste time on legal battles?! Love at 1st sight is overrated. But Reena Joseph stole Rajesh’s heart when she danced in the rain. Even the lightning flirted with her. Rajesh impersonated Rajiv, her fiancé, and swooped her off her feet. Steal a chance when the universe fails to look at you. Everyone deserves a second chance. Some are organic and some are fabricated. But the magic it creates is real. 


Who deserves one, though? Is there a parameter? Royappuram Rockers deserved a win since they were the best team in Chennai. Pakshiraj deserved it. As an environmentalist, he did what he did based on facts without any personal agenda. Does the universe slide towards special people to bestow this boon? 100%. The universe shamefully blesses only the story’s forefront character with second chances. And who is that character in your life? 


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- Vinee Palam


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