When a "Soup Girl" watches a "Soup Boy" film

Anything that can break a (boring) routine is a blessing in disguise. If it could do that with absolutely no deliberation or struggle, we just tend to grab it. To be very specific, take for example, any festival like Diwali. Why do we love Diwali? Simply because it gives us a break from our mundane life to celebrate everything around us. According to me, Meyaadha Maan (MM) is one such example which just broke the trend of the numerous “soup boy” films and as a “soup girl”, I feel thankful to the makers of MM.

I placed the word “thankful” very consciously. This piece is a compilation of things for which I’d like to thank the makers of MM.

Thank you for…

      1 . Considering the girl’s side of the story, though the film is all about “Idhayam Murali”

There are always two sides to a story, but how many times have our filmmakers considered that while making movies, especially in this particular genre? Director Rathna Kumar has written this tale in a such a way that as an audience, we constantly know why the heroine behaves in a particular way. We are not just left with the hero's perspective which eventually (always) intends to keep her in a bad light. Things like the heroine’s family set-up, her school of thought, etc are presented well in the narrative.

  1. Characters like Vinoth and Sudar

These two characters were a real surprise element. From all the promotional materials I saw ahead of MM’s release, I did not expect anything other than “Idhayam Murali” and his rants about Madhu to be present in the film. But what Vinoth and Sudar brought into this tale is beautiful. Love can take different forms. Here it took the innocent, raw and naive form and Vinoth is that guy who represents the phrase “Chiti-ku unarchi vandruchu”

  1. Letting this be a “Light musical film”

The style Santhosh Narayanan and Pradeep Kumar have chosen for MM is extremely impressive. This story can easily drag you into a cliche. To summarise the plot in one line, it is a movie about a middle class guy from North Madras and his one sided love for a girl from an upper class family! Now you understand why it is easy to fall prey to cliches? Both musicians have elevated the film’s quality with their experimentation with songs and the re-recording. I was able to consume the essence of a scene even before the scene came to an end because the music sets the mood right very quickly. Kudos to the choice of voices (singers) for each track. This approach reminds us of what Santhosh did for Irudhi Suttru because a person from North Madras is not limited to just singing “gaana” songs. Duh!

  1. The character “Idhayam Murali”

“Idhayam Murali” is all about the dilemma that any individual faces while developing a bond with another person. Something they do would sweep you off your feet while something else will make you wonder, “who the hell is this person?”

As a woman, I was touched by the positive approach he had towards Madhu (heroine) in spite of all the dilemma he was going through. A popular dialogue from VTV which I’ve always loved is “Un kannu vazhiyaa enna pakala pola irukku” (Maybe nobody has ever seen me through your eyes). Similarly, in MM, Madhu looks beautiful through Idhayam Murali’s eyes. That kind of admiration and respect is all a girl would want in a relationship!

  1. The address song

At last somebody said it! If a particular girl dumps you or even pisses you off, why would you choose to generalize while ranting about it. Female(and a few male) audiences were quite tired and frustrated with all the girl bashing lyrics from almost every other movie that was being made. ‘Address song’ signifies that it is important to bash(if you have to) only the girl that affected you. I bet this was far more entertaining than the other songs with similar intentions.


  1. For retaining the authenticity

From the mobile ringtones to the peculiar vocabulary that the characters used in the film, everything is sure to nail you to the playground the film sets up. There is absolutely no escape! There are no larger-than-life scenarios here and for a film like MM this is what helps it big time to stay honest to its intentions.

  1. The Vinoth and Sudar proposal scene

Chill, I am not letting out spoilers here! But this scene moved me to tears not because it was emotional, but it was beautiful. This is the kind of tear that rolls down one's eyes while looking at a small kid trying to pamper his/her mom(I mean anything that pure and adorable). I wanted to be Sudar… I wanted to meet Vinoth soon… Rathna Kumar...take a bow!

On the surface MM might look like an updated version of Siva Manasula Sakthi or could be criticized for the overexposed tale that it sets to narrate. But in spite of all this, MM makes sure to entertain you and touch your life in many instances emotionally and subtly.

For a  Meyaadha Penn Maan this Meyaadha Maan looked lovable!

Written by - Meera Chithirappaavai


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