When GVM and Vikram come together…


Being born in a city like Bangalore, the only entertainment (still wondering why we can’t have a beach in Bangalore; geography could have had a little more consideration though) my parents could provide us, that is my brother and myself was cinema. No, I am not complaining, I am only trying to derive an explanation for all that extremely frequent theater visits we as a family have had since my kindergarten. Seamlessly I entered the “Film Enthusiast’ category; watching films started to become a way of life. Enthusiasm towards something, be it art, food, per se cinema in my case is not just about consuming the end product. You end up following every detail and aspect extensively.


Recently, one such detail excited me the most and this write-up is dedicated to the news that has been doing the rounds in the industry for a while now. Actor Vikram plans to act in the Tamil remake of the 2016 Hollywood flick, Don’t Breathe and it might be helmed by my favorite director, Gautham Vasudev Menon. Exciting enough, right?



After watching few films, I become very proud of myself… yes, you read it right; “myself” because the movie would have worked so well for me which I think is an outcome of my devotion during watching the film. I literally make myself completely vulnerable to the film so that, it takes me on the ride that the director/narrator intends to take me on. Don’t Breathe was one such film where  I felt that every intended emotion got transcended to me; to put it in a simpler form, it made me “breathless” too.


Here I list the aspects that excite me about this project


Vikram - The blind old man



Vikram is known for the various avatars that he meticulously works on for every film of his and that would be a separate essay if discussed. In this case, we are going to spot Vikram as a blind old man, which involuntarily gives you an image in your head. He will become the idol for all those men who believe in growing old gracefully. In fact, there is a common belief that men get all their charm in their late 40s and early 50s and Vikram will only make this character an example for that fact. Thinking about his blind state, we have more than one reference for the same. Previously, Vikram has excelled in the portrayal of a blind man in both Kasi and in Thandavam (though the film wasn’t received well, his role as a blind man in the pursuit of revenge was widely appreciated). His representation of that particular character look-wise would be detailed with lot of thought put into it.


Vikram - The baddie



This particular story revolves around three amateur thieves and a blind old man. Eventually, the audience and the thieves together discover the unexpected potential of the blind man and many other personal details about him which gives him the antagonist stature. Yes, so you will see yet another meaty negative role shouldered by Vikram. In case of the original movie, Stephen Lang (the blind man) retains a straight face (mostly) through the film. Vikram might derive his own style to present that character to us which sure becomes a major look out in this film.


It also strikes me that for a performer like Vikram, he is yet to add a phenomenal negative role to his credit. Many stars have believed that it is the “villain” roles that give them more room to explore and excel in terms of their acting skills. This looks like that opportunity that Vikram would grab to showcase all the badness he is got in him. His closed ones might even differ on my previous statement as he is known for being the sweetest and the most humble person around. But, wait… every person has a demon in them which is in few cases active and in few cases dormant. Thoongura mirugatha ezhupiduvaaru Vikram.


If it’s going to say, “Directed by GAUTHAM VASUDEV MENON”



The excitement quotient hits a whole new level with this unofficial piece of information; thanks to the impact AYM had on me. GVM’s style of handling thriller is hands down one of the best where Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu and Nadunisi Naaygal stand as testimonials to that fact. When a simple musical can take the action thriller path in its second half convincingly (AYM), imagine GVM handling the “thriller” genre alone! A good melange of genres make our lives and films interesting but sometimes (only in films) if genre based purity is maintained, the overall impression it sets on the viewer's mind is powerful.

The already well scripted movie will be treated in the appropriate manner if it enters the GVM camp. At this point, all I wish for is, this “unofficial” info should become “official” soon.


The nauseating climax

Few portions are surely going to be amended in a way it suits the demography and psychology of our audience. Therefore, without a doubt there will be few alterations made to few nauseating parts of the film. But, how they’re gonna do it is something that definitely kindles expectations. It will be made in a way that it at least gets an U/A certificate from our censor board keeping in mind the image that Vikram holds among family audience. In the process of alteration, I hope the intensity and eeriness are not lost.


The casting strategy



The idea behind casting for this film is very crucial as 80% of the film revolves around only 4 characters; the blind man and the 3 thieves (2 boys and 1 girl). Thereby, the contribution of the 3 thieves to the film is vital. Naturally, anybody would be elated to know the casting plan soon. If it's a newcomer or a known name, the platform that this film provides to them is valuable.  


As K-town is pouring announcements, I am losing my patience as I wait for an official word from the crew regarding this project. No, I do not want to comment on Vikram’s other plans that has been announced; as I am busy foreseeing the kind of reception this film (Don’t Breathe) would have when it releases. From the announcement of the project to its release, it is going to catch the attention of many. So according to me, the show has already begun!


One second, Bhagyaraj’s popular title “Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru” would be apt for this film no?.... wonders...


Written by - D Meera Chithirappaavai 



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