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Following the success of Viswasam, which was nothing short of a carnival to all his fans, Ajith announced his next with H. Vinoth (Sathuranga Vettai and Theeran fame). This decision of his was well received by almost all centres of his audience. A star collaborating with a youngster is the trend now, thanks to Superstar Rajinikanth for commencing this healthy trend with Kabali. Then the movie was said to be a remake of the Bollywood classic, “Pink”. 

When this announcement knocked on the doors of the internet, it was welcomed by utmost skepticism by many who have watched “Pink”. They believed that certain pieces of art cannot be recreated which I totally agree to.

Though fine and pristine pieces of art can never be recreated, “Pink” is a story that is supposed to be told. Sexism, Body shaming and objectifying a woman aren’t something we are alien to. We do it every day, every time, like breathing, unaware and subconscious yet a presence which cannot be ignored. No matter how educated we all are, no matter how “broad” minded we consider ourselves, we all subconsciously judge a woman one way or the other, and taking that little seed of sexism, that red chip out of our system is a tough task. Which is exactly why a movie like “Pink”, a story like that should always be retold.

Nerkonda Paarvai NerkondaPaarvai Ajith Thala Vaanil Irul Vaanilirul AjithKumar Ajith Kumar

The Unavoidable Force called ‘Thala’ 

Ajith is a star who in my eyes has got the most loyal fan base in the country. As he’d said, no other actor has given as many flops as him. Yet the fan base he has today  after dismantling his fan clubs is just phenomenal. The success of Viswasam stands as a testimony to the fact.

Ajith is not someone new to doing unconventional things, picking up unconventional stories and performing/saying unconventional roles/dialogues. Be it the comments about his looks in Aegan (The scene where he talks about his beard and belly), or choosing a role like Vinayak Mahadevan in his 50th movie Mankatha, he has proved his ability to take risks now and then.

A masala actor doesn’t actually marry a woman who is divorced and has a kid; Ajith did it in Yennai Arindhaal. We never think about the impact that  these little things have on the minds of the fans. A fan more often than not tries to follow his idol and roles/films like these are only going to help change his perspective towards being a better human being.

“In the starting stages of my career, I have done roles where I have stalked women. I regret doing those roles now. I want to correct it and set the right example and hence am doing a movie like “Nerkonda Paarvai”” – Ajith, Source: Vikatan
Nerkonda Paarvai NerkondaPaarvai Ajith Thala Vaanil Irul Vaanilirul AjithKumar Ajith Kumar
Setting the right example
The movie will not only set an example in the minds of the audience but also in the industry itself. It is when stars like Rajinikanth, Ajith and Vijay do roles that are close to reality and stories that are genuine and artistic like “Pink”, that the industry will progress. They lead Kollywood, they rule Kollywood making this movie a wise choice.  When stars start experimenting, it opens the gates for many young, talented filmmakers to tell their stories. It encourages producers to produce films that are more real and unconventional. It is an irony that in Kollywood, real cinema has become parallel cinema or unconventional cinema.
A star starring in a film that doesn’t feed his image is such a healthy step in Tamil Cinema. A new story has always had a new face and more often than not it goes unrecognized, like a little bead of pearl in a huge stack of salt. Imagine the reach Aaranya kaandam would have had, if at all it had a known star in it, say Dhanush or someone like that. Imagine a huge star playing Karthi’s role in Aayarathil Oruvan; the movie would have received a better reach.
It takes serious guts to choose a movie that wouldn’t cater to the mass audience and all credits to Ajith for doing something healthy not only to his fans but also to the industry and a cinema lover like me. I am sure this will encourage many stars to take up the route and experiment with the roles they play.
Movies like this making money will only bring in more movies with better content and more producers with better minds to produce such movies. And it is only when stars pick up stories like these, the movie will do wonders as far as the business is concerned. Tamil cinema is seeing a steady growth in its choice of films and I cannot be more pleased.
Nerkonda Paarvai NerkondaPaarvai Thala Ajith AjithKumar Vaanil Irul Vaanilirul

Nerkonda Paarvai Trailer - Intensity Personified

The team announced the release of the movie’s trailer without much fuss. When was the last time we saw this happen for a star movie? It became a sensation after the announcement, thanks to the fans. But the announcement was made with so much humility. All these are such healthy signs for Kollywood!

The movie seems to have that one fight scene which “Pink” lacked. Wanting the movie to cater and entertain all audiences is a smart move.

“Pink did not have songs or fight sequences but Nerkonda Paarvai will have two songs as well as a fight sequence” – H. Vinoth. Source: Cinema Express

Though “Pink” had Amitabh Bachchan in it, the movie was more a woman-centric film. It never diverted from its purpose. That was the beauty of the film. We all still believe the movie is for the Eves in the society. But Thala has a different opinion!

“He (Ajith) felt strongly that Nerkonda Paarvai is not a film for women but something that men should watch” – H. Vinoth. Source: Cinema Express

Ajith has said, “Pasanga than Ponnungala paththi therinjikanum (It is men that should know about women)”. Rightly said, Thala!

I believe that Nerkonda Paarvai will not only set the minds of men but also the course of Tamil Cinema, straight!


Written By,

Gautam Narayanan


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