Why wasn't Thala 57 titled as "VarlaaM" ?


Take two alphabets off the English alphabet and what do you get? A hit film with Thala going unchained on a bunch of obese rowdies. Yes, you have guessed it right.


'V' and 'M' have played larger roles than the concept of logic has in a Thala and Sirthuai Siva film. What started off with 'Veeram', continued with 'Vedhalam' and has now resulted in 'Vivegham'. Not to take anything away from the successful scripts these films have had, but somehow, somewhere this ritual had become more of a success mantra for the duo with both films being massive hits in the box office.



Other than the fact that both films have had similar names, there have also been other similarities between both like the fact that both focus on a sibling sentiment where he is either living for his brothers or an adopted' sister (if that's politically right to say). Vedhalam, as well as it did in the BO, didn't fare too well with regard to the responses that it received from most audiences.



Enough of what the past held, let's try to figure out what Vivegham has in store with what we've notice in the past.


1) Flashback


One of the factors that played a major role in both films was a flashback. Veeram had a flashback where they revealed a conflict that happened in the heroine's past and Vedhalam basically ripped baasha off with the only difference being that one was in Bombay and the other was in Besant Nagar.


2) Change


Change in this context refers to the qualities of the protagonist. In both films, the hero has a past where he is the strongest person on the planet and then suddenly changes either for the heroine or for a family member. With his being a pattern in his films, one can only expect the same in the forthcoming flick.


3) Some Kickass Punch Dialogues


Even though every dialogue sounds like a punch in Thala's films, there are some dialogues that have stood out in both like 'Therikavidalama', 'Thambi Mayilvaganam' and 'Kannamoochi Re These dialogues have elevated the experience for Ajith's fans and there's every possibility that Vivegham would have the same.


4) Worst-u Villain


If you look at Veeram and Vedhalam, both films have villains who cannot speak even a word of Tamil. As Tamil cinema is growing as we speak, it is only natural for us to want local talents that can speak the language and thus enhance their performance. One annoying factor about Siva's films is that he uses antagonists who can't speak Tamil and have really poor sync. This kills the connection that the audience have with the character, thereby reducing the intensity of the situation. Let's hope that Vivegham doesn't pander to the idea of a lingually challenged antagonist.


5) The Comedy Track


The one thing that worked really well and fell apart really badly in the previous films was the humour/ comedy track. Veeram had an incorporated comedy track with Santhanam being a part of the flow of the film whereas Vedhalam had a forced humour track with Soori having some avoidable emphasis on this character'a life. It will be interesting to see what kind of role humour would play in Vivegham.



With the First look coming out and the title being revealed, one can only wonder if this sentiment would continue to bring them bring bucks and more collaborations. I think it'll be interesting to see if they would once again pull off a blockbuster with the "V-M" title and let's be glad that they didn't continue with thala and thalapathy borrowing titles from each other's films because let's accept it, Varlaam Varlaam Va by Siva is just as bad as Singham- 3 having an English teaser. There's a lot to expect, let's hope that logic is one of them.


PS: What's up with them and body transformations? I guess we'll need another article to explain that. Until then, let's just stare at the weird soldiers pointing guns at him in the back.

Written by - Kishen Das 

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John Richard February 04, 2017

I don’t get the connect of vedhalam and Basha’s flashback. As they portray a different role in either of the two. Also other than the flashback, one guy goes in for revenge while the other flees away.

Plus I second your thoughts on the forced humour that is found in the movies.

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