When we come across the word god, the first few things that comes to our mind are the holy figures and the mythological stories and creations. But in movies, they're bigger than that. There are plenty of movies that showed the face of a god without featuring heavy jewelry and any weapons in their hand. A godly figure is just naturally anyone who has been kept in that high pedestal of  respect that no matter what anyone says can be brought down by you. Some may mistake this for love,  some for lust, and some just call it names and ignore. But the fact is that, this is something to be respected  and also something that is not found these days in people. 


The first movie that showed me the fact that women are goddesses. They need to be worshiped  and given the right aspect of respect and dignity they deserve. These words here have become so rare  these days that when used, even women are shocked to hear them. But this movie made it clear to  me that if we go in search of divinity, the purest form of it is in love and love only.

Guna is perceived as a lunatic by the rest of the world,  but to Abhirami he is a baby. He just wants to look after the goddess he has found, the destiny he has  achieved all through his life. The whole premise of the movie is beautifully shrunk into a 5-minute beautiful  song "Kanmani Anbodu." The song starts as Guna wants to write a letter to Abhirami. He asks her to write it for him and she sings it in return.

This whole dynamic of the deity and her male servant is played with such conviction by both the actors that we don't see love anymore. It's something more that we cannot even label with a simple name. 

Kadhal Konden

This was considered the abridged version of Guna by the people when it released. And  surprisingly enough, Kamal Hassan himself, the co-writer of Guna told it in an interview that if he had seen Kadhal Konden earlier, then he would have approached Guna differently.

Both the movies touch the plot  of deity in a human form. They both differ from each other on a very thin margin. In Kadhal Konden the protagonist is an orphan who is an introvert who is obsessed with Divya and the jounrey of their relationship from mere obsession to something more divine.

Through the duration of the film, his obsession, lust, negative thoughts and bad  intentions melts away to perceive Divya as the saviour of his life. A friend from the opposite gender who is willing to be with you,  shower you with love, affection, empathy, kindness and everything else is genuinely a deity that needs  to be respected

 "Idhu kaadhal illai, kaamam illai. Indha uravukku ulagathil peyarillai" 

Anbe Sivam 

I don't think there can be a write-up about gods in cinema and not have this movie in it.  This movie literally questioned the existence of god and gave the answer also. We humans are gods ourselves as long as we treat each other right and live in co-dependence.

There are so many  moments and questions raised in this movie about what is god? Who is god? When does a normal  human become god? And some other very existential questions such as what is the purpose of life? Who do we live for? What completes our life as humans? But for me, all these questions were answered with  just one dialogue from the movie,

"Innoru manushanukkaga kanner vidra manasu irukke, adhaan kadavul."

We don't need to do wonders in other's lives to compliment them or make it better for them. Just some little empathy will do. This world needs it the most now! It's not that tough also, just a simple  phrase of saying "I'm here for you" will do them good. All people need is some assurance that their voice is heard. That assurance is god.

Written by

- Subramaniam Sai

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