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Graphic Designer
Full time

Fully Filmy is looking for its next Full-Time Graphic Design Intern based out of Chennai, India

Preferred Level of Experience: 0-1 Year

Scope of Design Work:

  • Layouts/Designs/Posts/Marketing Creatives for Fully Filmy's Social Media Channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc
  • Tiles, banners, mockups and site elements for Fully Filmy's Online Store
  • Marketing Collaterals for Fully Filmy's physical Retail stores
  • Graphic Designs for Apparel/Accessories to be sold on Fully Filmy's sales channels

Software Knowledge:

1) Adobe Photoshop

2) Adobe Illustrator

3) Canva

4) Knowledge and experience in creating content on other softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects, Cinema 4D or any other softwares is a plus

What we look for in a potential Fully Filmy team member:

  • Passion and Energy: A vibrant personality who is confident, deeply in love with what they do and expresses his/her/their opinions/ideas freely without necessarily being loud, and is open to convert those ideas into actions, products and content. We look for passionate generalists who have multiple facets to their personality and can multi-task rather than serious specialists.
  • Communication skills: Strong communication skills/vocabulary in English is a major plus
  • Content Creation Experience: We love people who are passionate about creating content and know how to get an applause from an audience either through their art/designs/videos/music/any type of content
  • Love for the audience: The previous point has to come with this. We believe you can't create for an audience if you don't have a desire to love them unconditionally, understand their needs, appreciate their time and find new ways to put a smile on their faces
  • Camera Presence: Video content creation is a big part of Fully Filmy's culture which will involve appearing in front of the camera every now and then in either a scripted/unscripted fashion. If you're open and good at this, you have an additional edge
  • Empathy and Openness: Be open to other opinions, points of view and new experiences
  • A self-sufficient team player: We love people who can put the brand and the audience above everything else and work with a team to fulfil the brand vision and entertain the audience. Should be also be able to work individually with a given direction, take decisions on their own without the need for hand-holding
  • Experimentation: The absolute core of Fully Filmy. Most of what we do involves finding solutions in the most unexpected ways and places under a tight budget

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